Sleep Green Hotels – for a better future

Members of Sleep Green Hotels are leading hotels in the area of „Green Tourism“. Hotels meeting the high regulations are enterprises run in an ecologically outstanding way. The label is a written proof of their corporate philosophy, taking sustainability seriously. Sleep Green Hotels – for a better future

What’s uniting us

All resources on earth are limited. Sleep Green Hotels are aware of this fact and consider it their responsibility to make an effort conserving resources by a strategy of social, ecological and economic sustainability. Members can achieve so called “green buffers” in different categories such as staff, food, energy supply, renewable energies and by official certification. This helps to constantly measure the progress and makes our efforts evident for our guest at first sight.

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Meanwhile, 13 hotels joined our mission, developing abundant synergies. These hotels, situated in Austria, Germany and Italy, are living proof that quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Get to know our hotels and specials!

Knowledge Platform

Nowadays, the terms „sustainable“ and „green“ are used easily. With our knowledge platform, we want to show our concrete measures. On the one hand, our guests can get an idea of our serious commitment; on the other hand, this ensures the necessary transparency.

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