Hospitality is an ART

Your overall experience in a hotel chiefly depends on the people you are dealing with – our staff. As we are aware that hospitality comes from the heart only, we encourage our staff to be just themselves. To give you an idea of our team, we would like to introduce you to our staff members.

Alexandra Pandilovski

Alexandra started to work at the reception at Der Wilhelmshof in May 2016, and has been responsible for our reception team as Front Office Manager since June 2018. Since she loves travelling herself in her leisure time, she is passionate about taking care of our guests’ needs and wishes. Alexandra likes our modern Deluxe family suites very much as the spacious room layout allows both parents and children to relax during their holidays.

Paulina Wolska

Paulina has been working at our hotel bar since May 2016. Our guests as well as employees appreciate her open mindedness and communication skills. She comes from Poland and in her free time, she likes to go dancing, does sports and is interested in healthy food. Her favourite room is the Junior Suite “Deep Purple” because she likes the view from the balcony and the colours of the room.

Volodimir Keka

Vladi has been working as a receptionist at Der Wilhelmshof since September 2017. He comes from the Ukraine and is happy to look after our Russian-speeking guests in their mother tongue. He is studying Transcultural Communication because he would like to learn more foreign languages. In his free time, he plays football. His favourite room is the Junior Suite “Deep Purple” as he loves listening to the music of the eponymous band.

Aidai Beishenkulova

Aidai has been with us since the end of October 2019. She is studying political science at the University of Vienna. In her leisure time, Aidai loves hiking in the nature. She likes our Premium room 501 very much because in addition to its quiet orientation towards our garden one can be amazed by the skyline of the historical center of Vienna on Andreas Reimann’s plexiglas print. Aidai is currently on maternity leave.

Florian Rier

Florian has been working as a night receptionist at Der Wilhelmshof since March 2018. He comes from South Tyrol and studies English in Vienna. In his leisure time, he does Kung Fu and likes to travel. His favourite room is the Junior Suite “Deep Purple” as it is very spacious, but also because of the eponymous band.

Dana Fleck

Dana has been working at our reception with a short interruption since 2008. In addition to her first language Slovak, she speaks fluently German, English and Russian. In 2011, she finished her studies in Slavic Studies. She enjoys spending her leisure time with her son and her husband. Dana likes our Deluxe room 514 best because the modern equipment as well as the balcony create to a cosy atmosphere.

Corina Brazda

Corina, the sporty native Viennese works in the hotel since 2014. In addition to her studies tourism, she worked at the reception, after her studies she supported our Management Team and at the moment she is the executive assistant. She loves dancing and finds her balance in other sport disciplines. Her favourite room is the Superior Wiener ART Room 222, dedicated to the Austrian musician Falco.

Cathleen Baszczowski

Cathleen started as a member of our reception team in November 2002. Meanwhile, she is our Office Manager. For many years, our cheerful and responsible Cathleen has been our administration’s anchor. The native German is mother of two kids. Her favourite room is the Superior ARTelier Room “Im Himmel” as she enjoys its merry and vivid colours.

Eva Buritscher

Our General Manager is with us since 2005. The native Lower Austrian started in our reception team, became Front Office Manager in 2010 to finally become the Wilhelmshof’s General Manager in January 2013. She has enormous communication and social skills, loves extensive journeys and enjoys going to music festivals. Her favourite colour matches her favourite room: it is the Suite ART Room “Deep Purple”.

Verena Perkmann

Perhaps you already met Verena when you made your booking. She comes from South-Tirol and supports our management team since February 2019. She heads our reservation department and is happy to bake cakes for all employees. She is very organized and helps our guests to create the perfect offer. Here personal commitment to sustainability is an asset to our hotel. Her favorite room is 305, she loves the delicate color choice and also the floral design.

Roman Mayrhofer

Together with his brother Christian, Roman runs the family hotel since 1997. Happily married and father of three kids, he loves riding his motor bike, whenever he gets the opportunity. His favourite room is the “Golden Sunrise” Junior Suite. He thinks, that “when entering the room, it opens to the guest and reveals its whole beauty bit by bit.”

Christian Mayrhofer

Together with Roman, Christian runs the hotel since 1997. As he is tax consultant and trustee, he is responsible for administration. The proud father of a daughter loves sailing. He always returns from his journeys full of new ideas for the Wilhelmshof. His favourite room is the “SilverMoon” Junior Suite due to its airy freshness full of sunlight.

Irena Dujic

In August 2003, Irena started as breakfast waitress and assists our breakfast Management if necessary. It is always her goal to set our guests up for the day. The mother of two grown-up kids originally comes from Croatia. In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking and decorating her home. Delicious part of our breakfast buffet is Irena’s home-made fruit salad, which is also her personal favourite.

Jadwiga Koziol

Jadwiga is since march 2017 in our breakfast team and is our assistent of breakfast manager. She comes originally from Poland. She is married and has two children. In her free time she likes to do sports and go hiking with her family. She likes the fresh made scrambled egg most at our breakfast buffet.

Lady Lea Joy Iban

Joy works at our breakfast team since March 2018. She is from the philippines and has three children. She likes to spent her free time playing with her kids or going for long walks with them. She also likes to bake cakes for her family. At our breakfast buffet she likes kiwis and pineapples the most.

Asha Chandar

Asha works since Novmeber 2017 at our breakfast team. She is from India and has a son. In her free time she likes listening to music and to cook. At our breakfast buffet she likes our hummus spread the best.

Arzije Mislimi

Arzija is member of our house keeping team since Sepember 2013. In her leisure time, she loves hiking or cycling. Also, she takes her children and family for a jaunt. Arzija’s favourite room is our “Deep Purple” Junior Suite, because of the beautiful colours and its spacious bath room.

Senem Sözeri

Senem joined our housekeeping team in January 2018. She has three children. In her freetime she likes to saw and knit. Her favourite room is #624 because of the size and there is a shower and a bath tube.

Manuela Pogotz

Manuela came to us in September 2006 and has been responsible for our housekeeping for many years now. Always with a smile on her lips, she has a great sense of humour. Manuela likes cycling, inline skating and goes hiking with her husband and dog. Her favourite is the Superior Room “Friedensreich Hundertwasser”, as she loves the combination of violet and orange.

Chen Fee Fong

Chen works since November 2017 in our breakfast team. She is from India. In her free time she likes to go shopping or for a long walk. At our breakfast buffet she likes Kiwis the most.

Tim Grimm

Chen Fee Fong

Chen works since November 2017 in our breakfast team. She is from India. In her free time she likes to go shopping or for a long walk. At our breakfast buffet she likes Kiwis the most.

Krzysztof Kwasnik

Krzysztof, our in-house technician, is part of our team since March 2014. He is happily married and loves to spend his spare time playing soccer and table tennis. Originally from Poland, he visits his home land on holidays. He likes our Premium Andreas Reimann Room 215 best, due to the impressive red painting with Nina Proll.

Miriam Schweinberger

Miriam supports our reservation department since October 2019. She is very sporty and loves to spend her leisure time in nature- especially in the Nationalpark Donau-Auen. With her warm character she is your contact person for your reservation. The Silver Moon Suite is her favorite room. She likes the subtle color design, for her it feels like home.

Celestina Guerrero

Andrea Ugodi

Andrea works at our hotelbar since December 2017. She studies architecture in Vienna. In her free time she likes drawing and listening to music. She also likes to travel and explore cities. She also takes long walkes through the heart of Vienna. Her favourite room is 503, because she really likes the painting from Andreas Reimann of the Vienna Ferri Wheel.

Robert Tatrai

robert works since April 2016 at our reception as night receptionist. He was born in Vienna and likes to help our guests with special insider tips about his hometown.He also studies architecture in Vienna and plays in a band in his free time.

Paul Schicho

Paul has been night receptionist at Der Wilhelmshof since summer 2019. He is currently studying economics at the University of Economics. Besides travelling, he likes to play tennis and go skiing. Paul likes our garden-facing Premium room 615 because the picture with Johann Strauss is very harmonious and colourful.

Stefan Knezevic

Stefan has been working at our reception since mid-September 2019. He loves foreign languages, therefore, he is going to study English and Italian. Stefan’s passion is basketball, but he also plays other sports like tennis or table tennis. His favourite room is the garden-facing Premium room 615 as he likes the colours of Johann Strauss’s painting very much.

Natalia Karaffova

Natalia works part-time at our reception. She played professional tennis for 13 years. Originally from Slovakia, she has a Bachelor degree from the University of Economics in Bratislava. In Vienna she would like to study economics in order to reach the master’s degree. She speaks English, German and Italian. In her spare time, she devotes herself to several hobbies: sports, books, foreign languages and traveling are some of her favorites. From the rooms in our design hotel, she prefers the premium quadruple room 415 because it is so spacious and he likes the ambience in this room very much.

Antonia Klos

Antonia works since May 2017 at our reception. She is from Vienna and spent some time in different countries and enjoys now being back in Vienna. In her freetime she still likes to travel around the world. She likes to have conversations with our guests from all over the world. It helps a lot that she speaks spanish and english fluently. Her favourite room is the superior room 121, because she likes the strong colours and the bright yellow details on the walls.

Sebastian Zeidler

Sebastian is the head of our breakfast team since December 2019. He is in the hotel early in the morning and takes care of the preparation and presentation of our mostly regional and organic dishes at the breakfast buffet. In his leisure time he loves to be with his family. He prefers to go on nature trips and he plays also tennis. His favorite dishes at our breakfast buffet, are the warm hearty dishes like bacon.

Damir Hadzimuratovic

Damir has been employed as a receptionist since May 2014. Originally he comes from Bosnia. In his free time, he is a member of the Vienna Football Association and enjoys spending time with his family. His favourite room is the garden-facing Premium room 611 because the room is on a high floor and offers such a great view of the Giant Ferris Wheel.

Genet Abebe

Genet is since June 2017 in our housekeeping team. She has two children and is very sporty in her freetime and likes listening to music. Her favourite room is the Junior Suite #624. She likes this room the most because of the balcony and the beautiful colours on the walls.

Karoline Sühs-Hartmann

Karoline supports our reception team since August 2013. In her leisure time, you may meet her inline skating on the Donau Island. As she has a little son, she knows the best places for kids in Vienna. Her favourite room is our “Deep Purple” Junior Suite, because there you can rest in the bath tub and watch the skies.

Annamaria Kovacs

Annamaria is member of our reception team since December 2014. Originally coming from Hungary, she used to live in England for quite a while. Thus, she speaks not only her mother tongue, but also German and English fluently. In her leisure time, she likes swimming and travelling. Her favourite is the “Silver Moon” Junior Suite – according to Annamaria, this is the Wilhelmshof’s most beautiful room.

Caroline Frece

Caroline supports our Management team as an assitant Front office Manager since Otkober 2016. She was born in Vienna and is really into sports. In her free time she rides a snowboard or bicycle, practice fencing and she also practiced high diving professinal for 10 years. Her favourite room is our deluxe double room 614. In her opinon these room is perfect for couples and people who love to sleep in because of the roof pitch. It also offers a bath tupe in the bathroom which makes it perfekt to relax.

Zimilie Asani

Zimilie joind our housekeeping team since March 2019. She comes from Macedonia and lives since 8 years in Vienna. She loves to join her leisure time with her 3 kids, their favorite hobby is cooking.
Our Junior Suite „Deep Purple“, room number 624 is her favorite room in our ARThotel. She likes the colors and the special accessories.

Rahima Mohammadi

Slavka Savic

Slavka has been working as a receptionist with us since November 2019. Originally she comes from the beautiful, green city of Salzburg. She is currently studying at the University of Applied Arts. In her free time, she relaxes with yoga, hiking and cooking with her friends. Her favourite room is the Junior Suite “Silver Moon” because she finds the colour combinations very harmonious and relaxing.

Anna Majzinger

Anna has been part of the WienerART Hotel Wilhemshof since July 2012. In January 2015, she became our Front Office Manager. She studied cultural- and social anthropology and her cocktails are famous. Being a native Hungarian, she not only speaks German and English perfectly, but also Portuguese. Her favourite is the Deluxe ARTelier Room “Fantasie – des Menschen Frühling” because of the beautiful colour theme. At the moment Anna is in maternity leave.

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