Sustainability – we love green

We do our utmost to offer our design hotel’s guests the optimum service while reducing negative consequences for our environment at the same time. Environmental protection and our ecological foot print are our special concern. Thus, we are very engaged for these issues, be it large-scale (e. g. with the largest solar plant of Vienna’s hotel industry) or small-scale (such as waste separation or usage of LED lamps).

Energy – less is more

Our electricity exclusively comes from renewable resources. Also, we produce more than half of your energy for water heating by our own solar plant. The rest comes from a highly efficient gas condensing boiler (efficiency: 106%). Our house is excellently insulated (apart from the beautiful, structured façade which makes insulation impossible), and has three-paned insulation windows. Hotel rooms, aisles and staircases are equipped with energy-saving bulbs or LED lighting. Owing to this, Wilhelmshof is one of Vienna’s most engery-efficient hotels.

Sustainable delight

We prefer local and organic produce. Our assortment of teas come from Sonnentor, our juices from Höllinger and our choice of coffee specialities are from Hornig (organic and fair trade). You will find products such as “Die gute Schokolade” (which supports the reforestation of the rain forest) and Tres-Hombres rum (shipped without CO2 emission by sailing boat). We don’t want to stop our environmental commitment when it comes to culinary treats and thus we support the Initiative United against waste and produce hardly any waste.

Excellence in sustainability

We act in common: for hospitality

The Wilhelmshof is a family-run business that thrives on the friendly atmosphere of the people involved. We encourage both, our guests as well as our staff: just be just yourself. This creates friendship and partnership between our guests, staff and the enterprise. It is our conviction that this is the only way to provide personal and perfect service.

We help!

We are fortunate to live in Europe and to run a successful business. As this makes us grateful, we love to help less fortunate people. Thus, we support some Austrian and world-wide projects with our donation budget and charity events. This comprises “Nachbar in Not” (neighbour in need), World Vision as well as very individual support and integration projects.

Sleep Green Hotels

Charles Darwin once said: „Anything against nature will not abide for any length of time” and we take this to heart. Sleep Green Hotels stand for the genuine, for persistency and sustainability. Sleep Green Hotels are a co-operation of individual hotels united by one vision: a sensitive and considerate handling with precious, natural resources and a holistic approach with new ideas that won’t demand things from our environment that we won’t be able to return.

Contact us

Do you have any questions concerning your stay, can we help you with your reservation or do you need tips regarding your arrival? We are happy to help you.


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