Donauinselfest – the biggest Open Air Festival in Europe soon in Vienna

Yes, it will be happening soon again: One of the most popular Open air events, which is also the biggest Open-air music festival in Europe with about 3 million fans every year, takes place already at the end of June, exactly from the 23th to the 25th of June, 2017.

The Donauinselfest takes place since 1984. One of the highlights every year is the special firework on Saturday.This year numerous musicians and bands will surprise their fans and the best of it there is always free entrance for everyone!

ORF Falco Tribute concert at the Vienna Energy / Radio Vienna Stage
In the past there were various gigs at the Donauinselfest that the visitors will always rember: in 1993 it was for example the concert spectacle of Falco, 1995 almost 250 000 people attended the performance of the Kelly Family live. Falco fans watch out for the ORF Falco Tribute concert this year at the Donauinselfest. This special concert will take place at the Wien Energie / Radio Vienna Stage. There are already many musicians who will be part of it such as Fettes Brot, Julian le Play and Georgij Makazaria. This unique concert event will be shown on 2nd February 2018 in the Austrian television ORF 1 on the 20th anniversary of the death of Falco.

A wide range of activities offered by the Donauinselfest
However, the Viennese Donauinselfest is distinguished from other festivals by its unique, attractive family and sports program.
Stars, thousands of visitors and a huge party under the sky! This is the Donauinselfest 2017 with performances by many artists like Moop Mama, Sportfreunde Stiller, Michael Bolton, Amy mcdonald, Marina & the Kats.

The entire program can be found under Vienna Donauinselfest 2017

Come to VIENNA, come to US and experience the unforgettable party mood of the famous Donauinselfest. By the way, our hotel is located very close to this miraculous spectacle: just a few stations with the underground line U1.

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