Fabulous Fabelbert and his journey through the fabulous hotels

The uniqueness of the Fabulous Hotels
The Fabulous Hotels offer you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world full of stories and distinctiveness. For everyone who wants to experience unforgettable moments during their holiday time, one of these individual hotels is the right address. Did you know that our Design Hotel Der Wilhelmshof is also a member of this hotel association?

Unique Arts in the Design Hotel Der Wilhelmshof
Der Wilhelmshof is unique. In co-operation with the Viennese artists Ty Waltinger and Andreas Reimann, our design hotel is presented in an unusual way: the artists don’t simply expose their works, but designed complete rooms and embeded their art work into the rooms. The result is a house full of poetry, detail-loving and fascinating, which has now matured into a magnificent art work. We cordially invite you to explore this for yourself!

The Fabulous Dragon Fabelbert
The mascot of the Fabulous Hotels – the Dragon Fabelbert, is traveling through the Fabulous Hotels and is currently staying in our beautiful Wilhelmshof. Every day he discovers new favorite places and will tell us about them. He particularly loves our Andreas Reimann Premium rooms and in our receptionist Erika he found a new friend.

The dragon Fabelbert in our Designhotel Der Wilhelmshof

The dragon Fabelbert in our Designhotel Der Wilhelmshof

Competition of Fabulous Hotels
Have you stayed with us? Show the Fabulous Fabelbert your favorite place in the hotel, take a photo with the dragon and post it on the facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/FabelhafteHotels) or mail it to fabelhaft@fabelhaftehotels.at. All photos submitted and shared will participate in the competition. The three best pictures are awarded with a handmade cuddly toy!

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