Der Wilhelmshof was chosen to one of the most sustainable hotels on Treeday

Have you ever heard from TREEDAY, the Green Lifestyle Guide? Treeday is a special guide which allows you to find simple and sustainable companies online or via an app.

The Treeday Index evaluates the commitment to the sustainability of a company and it is presented on a special scale.
The ranking of the company can be seen there. This means that the points of the index shows how intensively the company cares about sustainable issues.

Hotel industry and sustainability on Treeday

The challenges in the hotel industry are diverse and affect several areas: The environment, the economy and of course, our entire society. Sustainable procurement, use of regenerative energy sources, the solar system on our hotel roof, waste separation, energy efficiency of the building, regional & fair-trade products at the breakfast – the TREEDAY gives every company the opportunity to show in which specific areas it is committed.

The Design hotel Der Wilhelmshof is one of the ten most sustainable hotels among participants from Germany and Austria

TREEDAY recently presented the current top 10 greenest accommodations – from the cozy secret tip to the luxury hotel with prestige. Our design hotel Der Wilhelmshof is one of the most popular green hotels! We are very happy about it.

The green art hotel describes it best: „Art and sustainability are present throughout the hotel. Der Wilhelmshof also rewards the guests’ sustainable behavior beyond their own commitment to the environment. Those who arrive by public transport we will surprise with a glass of our homemade jam.“


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